Memorandum of Understanding 
to create a 
European Framework for Audit and Certification of Digital Repositories

THIS AGREEMENT is made between: 
•	David Giaretta in his capacity as chair of the CCSDS/ISO Repository Audit and Certification Working Group (RAC), 
•	Henk Harmsen in his capacity as Chair of the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) Board and
•	Christian Keitel in his capacity as Chair of the DIN Working Group "Trustworthy Archives – Certification" 
Whereas the parties to this Memorandum of Understanding all lead separate groups aiming at certifying digital repositories, they wish to put in place mechanisms to ensure that the groups can collaborate in setting up an integrated framework for auditing and certifying digital repositories.
The framework will consist of a sequence of three levels, in increasing trustworthiness:
•	Basic Certification is granted to repositories which obtain DSA certification;
•	Extended Certification is granted to Basic Certification repositories which in addition perform a structured, externally reviewed and publicly available self-audit based on ISO 16363 or DIN 31644;
•	Formal Certification is granted to repositories which in addition to Basic Certification obtain full external audit and certification based on ISO 16363 or equivalent DIN 31644.
Granting of these certificates will allow repositories to show one of three symbols (to be agreed) on their web pages and other documentation, in addition to any other DSA, DIN or ISO certification marks.
The following specific actions will be carried out by the parties:
(A)	ensure that there is overlap in membership between the groups’ governing committees;
(B)	undertake common promotion of the need for standards to repositories and funding agencies;
(C)	make clear that there might be different needs among repositories, but that repositories should aim at Extended or Formal Certification;
(D)	carry out related test cases of repositories (in the second half of 2010).
This process is supported by and coordinated with the help of the European Commission.

This agreement shall commence upon the signing of this agreement by all the parties and will end on mutual agreement of the parties.
SIGNED on behalf of the parties by:
David Giaretta

Henk Harmsen

Christian Keitel
European Framework for Audit and Certification of Digital Repositories